Month: November 2014

A Defense Against Libel

I know it’s been a while since I posted. The reasons are about evenly split between life happening, and being threatened with doxxing over my Stapleton post. My life has calmed down somewhat since, but I still had to debate posting this. Eventually I decided in favor of posting it, because frankly, it needs to be said.

London McCabe was a six year old boy living in Oregon. His mother murdered him last week by throwing him off a bridge. After the murder, NBC reached out to “autism experts.” They found Dee Shepherd-Look, who is a professor of psychology at Cal State Northridge. She had this to say. (Very triggering, be warned.)

““I’m frankly surprised this doesn’t happen more often. These children are really unable to be in a reciprocal relationship and the moms don’t really experience the love that comes back from a child — the bonding is mitigated … That is one of the most difficult things for mothers.””

I and most of the autistic community was appalled. This is the e-mail I sent to her. -cec