Today is the Disability Day of Mourning.

What are we mourning?

We’re mourning that we are routinely murdered. By our parents, by our caregivers, and those who profess to love us, who “want the best for us.”

We’re mourning that this list has grown exponentially in just one year.

We’re mourning that we still have to mourn.

It isn’t about “services.” It’s not about poverty or anything of that nature. it’s about parents unable to cope with the fact that their child communicates differently, and how they can’t handle that it makes them feel like failures.

Your failure will not be paid off with my life.

If you want to fight me about this, do it tomorrow.

Today, honor the loss of many, many people that should still be with us.


[Image description: A manicured pathway in a garden, cut between two wild rows of assorted flowers. The path dead-ends at a cylindrical stone with what appears to be ivy growing over the top.]


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