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Sometimes, The Law Is Not Enough

NB. Any news media links contained herein come with a massive trigger warning for ableism and dehumanization of autistics. I provide them in the context of attempting to be thorough, but I do not endorse any of the content therein. They’re fairly disgusting, to be honest.

NB #2. In the interests of full disclosure, a few edits have been made upon receiving new information.

NB #3. G-d help you if you try to defend Kelli Stapleton on my blog. I mean it. 



I Will Not Bow Down

(( NB. Please be advised, before anyone gets pissy, that I know that there is a small subset of neurotypicals out there who are not like the people in this post. There are some people and parents who understand. I’ve linked some of them on my blogroll, and they are all amazing people. But it’s a whole lot smaller subset than I’d ever thought, and I haven’t seen many of them lately. ))