And Now For Something Completely Different

To start 2016, I could talk about any of the horrifically depressing things affecting all our lives. But I don’t want to, quite frankly. I want to keep the feeling of a new start for as long as I can. I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but I do try to take it as a fresh beginning of sorts. And this year, I’ve decided to try and blog a bit more and widen my perspective. Originally, I intended this blog to be about a lot of stuff, not just autism, and I’d like to try and get back to that.

This post, however, is tangentially related to autism – I wanted to talk about a music group that has not only helped me be more comfortable in my autistic skin, but has also helped keep me going during this past awful, terrifying cowpie of a year. And hey, if some of you guys get new tunes to listen to in the process, so much the better. (NB. A  few of the songs linked here have some English profanity in them, so probably not safe for work.)